Have we contacted you about unclaimed assets?

If you have been contacted by us, our research has determined that you are the potential rightful owner (or one of multiple rightful owners) entitled to dormant unclaimed assets. We make it our business to not only identify the unclaimed assets, but to find you and help you claim the unclaimed assets because these assets typically do not grow on your behalf while they are unclaimed. If you have already claimed the dormant assets or have taken other steps to claim them, then please let us know so we can close your file.

What are dormant unclaimed assets?

Examples of dormant unclaimed assets include:

  • Estate inheritances
  • Inactive or forgotten bank accounts
  • Unpaid bankruptcy claims
  • Stock or bond certificates
  • Tax refunds or other government issued checks

Our Fees

There are no hidden fees or costs to you! We will not ask you for an advance payment! You will owe us nothing unless we collect the unclaimed assets and those funds are in your hands. Once the assets are returned to you, we will be due the percentage fee we both agreed upon. We will also pay all the expenses of the recovery, regardless of whether we are successful or not! In other words, there is no risk to you!

You do not need your own attorney. We are a law firm and can act as your attorney in the collection of the unclaimed assets. If you wish to consult with another attorney, we recommend that you do so. Once you sign our engagement agreement, we do all the work for you. We will require some information from you to verify your identity, but the process requires very little work on your part.

Am I really entitled to these dormant unclaimed assets?

Our firm performs extensive research to locate you. We would not do so, unless it was worthwhile for you to receive the unclaimed assets and for us to collect our fee.

Our Process

Depending on the type of dormant unclaimed asset, the process can vary. However, it often can be a complicated and time consuming process. The Integrity Law Group, LLC has made it our business to streamline the process and collect your dormant unclaimed assets as quickly and efficiently as possible. Remember that we only get paid after you get paid, so we have just as much interest in a quick and efficient recovery.

If you are reading this and we contacted you, we have already researched the dormant unclaimed assets and have located the rightful owners. Once you retain us to perform the collection service, we prepare all the paperwork and perform all the work necessary to recover your assets while keeping you informed along the way.

Once we have completed paperwork from you, we will submit the paperwork with the agency or entity holding the funds. The time it takes to recover your assets can be as quick as 90 days, but when large estates are involved, it may take 6 months or longer. Once the claim is approved, we will notify you and keep you updated on the payment to you. Once you receive the assets, our agreed upon fee is due to us and the file is closed as we are never in possession/ownership of your funds.

If before, during or even after the process you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us!

Unclaimed Asset Disclosure

To protect our investment in researching and finding the owners of dormant unclaimed assets, we cannot provide specific details about the assets and or parties involved until we reach an agreement with you about our fees. We also may not know the exact size of the asset or the share you are entitled to. Once we have reached an agreement, we will disclose to you as much information as possible about the dormant unclaimed assets.

Estate Specific Information

You will not be held liable for the debts of the decedent. Those debts are paid out of the estate before the distribution of the shares of the estate. Therefore, if the estate is insolvent (has more debt than assets), then you would inherit nothing. Because we assume all the financial risk, we would advise you that you will not recover anything and end the claim.

You should not be held liable for any estate taxes from the share that you receive from the estate. The share you receive is after estate taxes are paid, if any. We always recommend that you talk to your tax advisor for further advice.


You probably would rather have money you are entitled to sooner rather than later! Certain types of unclaimed assets may have an expiration date (bankruptcy for example) and claims for those assets must be made before the expiration date or they are permanently lost. Unclaimed assets do not work for you! They typically do not accrue interest or grow! So the sooner you receive your money, the sooner you can make it work for you!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at 773-278-9200 and have your file number ready.

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