An order of protection is a legal order entered by a Judge that can order a person to stay away and stop certain acts that may affect the safety and security of the person that requested the order of protection. If you, a family member, or your child(ren) are a victim of domestic violence or you have been served with an order of protection, call the Integrity Law Group, LLC at 773-278-9200 to discuss your rights today. The attorneys of the Integrity Law Group, LLC represent clients who are seeking an order of protection as a result of domestic violence or harassment. The Integrity Law Group, LLC also defends clients who have false claims made against them to vacate or deny an order of protection.

How do I obtain an order of protection?

You can obtain an order of protection by filing in civil court either yourself or with an attorney. In Cook County if you do not have an existing case with the party you are seeking protection from (Divorce or Parentage). If you have an existing divorce or parentage case, you can request an order of protection by filing in that case. You can also obtain a criminal order of protection for a criminal case involving you and the other party.

If the party you are seeking protection from has physically attacked, choked, threatened, stalked, and/or harassed you, then you may see an emergency order of protection. Both parties must be: family members by blood; or married to each other; or divorced from each other; share or used to live in the same home, apartment or other dwelling; or have a child in common; dating or used to be dating; or people with disabilities and their personal assistants.

The first step is to obtain an emergency order of protection. The emergency order of protection can last for up to 21 days. You will be protected until you return to court for either a hearing on whether you will be granted a plenary order of protection (which will protect you for up to 2 years) or an interim order of protection (for up to 30 days) while the parties await a hearing for a plenary order of protection. If a false emergency order of protection was granted against you, we may be able to come back to court for hearing sooner than 21 days.

What does an order of protection provide?

An order of protection primarily will prohibit the abuser from making any contact, by any means of communication with you. If you have an order of protection entered against you, DO NOT attempt to contact the protected party(ies). The order of protection may also: bar the abuser from a shared residence; order the abuser to stay away from other protected persons (such as minor children); bar abuser from coming near your work, school or other specific locations; bar the abuser from visitation until further order of court or provide a specific visitation schedule; required the abuser to attend counseling; prevent an abuser from using a shared piece of property like a motor vehicle; or other such things that will protect you.

What do I do if I am served with an order of protection?

If you are served with an order of protection, you should follow the order and immediately contact an attorney for further advice. If you violate the order of protection, you can be arrested and charged with violating the order which may include penalties such as jail time and fines. Even if the other party contacts you, you must still follow the order of protection until the order is vacated or expires! Call the Chicago Order of Protection attorneys of the Integrity Law Group, LLC today for a free consultation today at 773-278-9200!